Film Making in School

“You have to want to make a film for other reasons – to say something, to tell a story, to show somebody’s fate – but you can’t want to make a film simply for the sake of it.”
Krzysztof Kieślowski

During my stay at the Lithuanian University of Educational Science (LEU), I am attending the class “Film Making in School”. The purpose of this course is to gain experience as a Filmmaker in order to use for teaching. This section of my blog will help me to reflect upon the process of the different movies I am making, while it offers for you insight and useful information how different film techniques can be used in schools. The class consists of the following five movies I have to shoot in one semester:

Each project is very short since it is important to understand the process of shooting such movies, not to deliver an entry for Cannés. Also note that the examples given above are either professional or a very high amount of energy and time was spent to achieve those great results. Furthermore, I am a beginner in film making and thus will probably make some mistakes during the process. As any teacher knows mistakes are the stepping stones of learning hence my struggle with the shooting should provide even better insights for you. Nevertheless, every movie has a message, an appeal to the audience. Kieslowski pointed out that you cannot make a movie just for the sake of making a movie. It is necessary that even on the very early stages you have an intention. This should also be a paradigm for using film making in schools.


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